Thor Ewing
Thor Ewing

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About Thor Ewing

An interest in past cultures and how they connect with us today underlies much of Thor Ewing’s work. Whether through the myths and religion of the Vikings, humorous anecdotes from Tudor England, or the forgotten wisdom of the medieval Celts, his books help us rediscover that connection with a past which has helped shape our world.

Thor Ewing’s writings range from accessible and informative books for general readers, to technically-minded articles for academic journals. Through careful research and bold argument, Thor Ewing has helped transform our understanding of the subjects he has written about.

Thor is also committed to his ancestral clan, Clan Ewing, as a living link with his own family’s history. His research has distinguished the individual clans and families which had mistakenly been lumped together as ‘Clan Ewen.’ His work on behalf of his clan has led to his appointment in 2014 as Commander of Clan Ewing.

Thor Ewing also writes under his full name, John Thor Ewing. Born in 1967, he studied Medieval Literature at Durham University, and now lives in Herefordshire with his wife and two children.